Achieving Results with 3 Peaks Nutrition

Developing a long-term partnership with your dietitian is key to achieving results. Your dietitian is your coach and accountability partner. While each appointment is tailored to what is most helpful to you now, here is an idea of what to expect at your nutrition appointments:

Your First Visit

This is a 60-minute “get-to-know-you” session with your dietitian. Dietitians ask a lot of questions! Learning the ins and outs of your daily routine, as well as understanding your vision for your health allows us to develop a plan that will be personalized to your needs. Your dietitian may complete a nutritional analysis report of your typical food intake to review with you, serving as a starting point for education and goal setting. If you are taking any nutritional supplements, bring these with you.

Your Second Visit

This 45-minute visit is often focused on reviewing food and menu planning to help you reach your wellness goals. These ideas may include home cooked meals, healthier convenience items, or healthier dining out options, depending on your needs. Your dietitian may also begin to discuss how to form healthy habits and address behaviors surrounding food and eating.

Your Third Visit

At your third appointment you and your dietitian will review how you are progressing with your goals, problem solve any barriers, and identify additional changes that need to be made if necessary.

Ongoing Follow up

Follow up visits are 45 minute sessions that allow for continued learning, problem solving and goal setting. Other topics covered in sessions may include: mindful eating practice, emotional eating and reducing food cravings, dining out, stress management, sleep hygiene, physical activity planning or navigating the grocery store. These follow ups are scheduled at a frequency determined by you and your dietitian. Many patients find weekly check-ins to be useful in the early stages of lifestyle change.