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Hi, I'm Laura

I’m a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist practicing in Central Oregon. I’m a food and nutrition expert. I can help you to meet your nutrition goals by overcoming the obstacles that stand in your way.  Here are a few reasons why I’m qualified to create an individualized nutrition plan that’s right for you:

  • Bachelor of Science degree in Nutrition and a Master of Health Science degree
  • Licensed to practice in Oregon
  • Over 15 years of professional experience in the clinical setting
  • Multiple certificates including Child and Adolescent Weight Management

Above all I can relate. I am a wife, mother, athlete and homemaker. It takes a deep understanding and compassion for others to know where to begin and how to help. Let’s get started today!

Photo of cabbage with water
Orange cut in half
Food is everywhere

It encompasses who we are, where we go and what we do. It surrounds our social interactions and influences our decisions. We make choices about what foods we consume all the time. And every choice we make matters.

There is information about the newest diet craze and “super” food. We are constantly inundated with nutrition tips on the radio. We watch commercials on television that coax us into buying a product. We read about diet in magazines. Food and supplement advertisements flood our inboxes and devour the internet. What do we do with all this information? Is any of it credible in the first place? Learning about good nutrition has never been so complicated and often feels down right overwhelming.

I’ve identified 3 major areas needed to successfully change your life with food. I call these the 3 Peaks of Nutrition. 

Nutrition knowledge that works for you

A solid foundation of nutrition knowledge is the first step. You need to feel confident in your food choices regardless of the situation. Together, we come up with a nutrition plan that will help you meet your goals!

3 Peaks Nutrition - Peak 1
3 Peaks Nutrition - Peak 2

Motivation and self love

You matter. The decisions you make today affect who you are tomorrow. So… let’s figure out what makes you strive to be the best version of yourself and jump in! It begins with loving the person you are today. We focus on your strengths. We fortify your passions to get you excited about nutrition! It can be done! I will meet you wherever you’re at in the process of self-love and guide you on the path to tap into your full potential. Positive self-talk, compassion and acceptance are the keys to strengthening the healthiest you possible!


What activities do you enjoy doing? What excites you? What simple, but key, changes can we make to get you moving and feeling great about doing it? This change happens by incorporating a couple habits into your life. The focus is always on you. What would you like to change… and more importantly, how can we make that change fun?

3 Peaks Nutrition - Peak 3

Sucess Stories

3 Peaks Nutrition strives to exceed your needs. We offer a wide variety of services including meal planning, fueling for athletes and managing specific disease states.

3 Peaks Nutrition Amanda S Success Story

Amanda S

“I have struggled with my weight my whole life. I found Laura online one day and she changed my life".

3 Peaks Nutrition Sandy G Success Story

Sandy G

“Laura, thanks so much for guiding me through such an amazing nutrition experience."

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sam hagardy
sam hagardy
21:34 03 Jul 19
Laura has a friendly and upbeat personality. I liked her because she was honest with me. We used a pretty cool app I... had never heard of and she was able to keep tabs on my progress. I'd recommend her to anyone who wants to see resultsread more
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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. I am a in-network provider with PacificSource Health Plans, First Choice Health®, Blue Cross Blue Shield® and Medicare. Since each insurance plan is different, I will contact your insurance company to find out if nutrition services are a covered benefit for you.

Yes. I currently provide a 20% discount for all services not covered through insurance. Payment details will be provided upon intake.

Yes. I will obtain a detailed health and nutrition history from you through e-mail correspondence. Then we will discuss your needs and create a plan together that will help you meet your goals during a 45 minute video chat session.

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